Are Employees Are Trained & Certified

All CPR Carpet & Upholstery employees are screened, certified, and they are professionally trained. We provide all of our employees with up to date products and equipment on the market. CPR specializes in carpet cleaning, repair, upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning,
and above all water damage restoration.

We Develop Our Employees

At CPR Carpet and Upholstery, our goal is helping employees achieve the satisfaction of a job well done. CPR Carpet and Upholstery believes in not only helping employees, but also making it possible for them to be successful in work and their own lives. By enabling employees to develop, we increase their productivity and salary, and enhance the pride, self-esteem and worth of each individual. Our benefit packages far exceed the standard of the average employee in this industry.

Achieve Superior Service

We constantly look for improved techniques of providing service and added value for that customer. Pursuing excellence means that we must know our customers; understand their needs and expectations. We regularly communicate with our customers and fine-tune our processes to more successfully provide quality service.

  The EPA recommends having your carpets cleaned every
6 months.

Carpets actually hold otherwise air born allergens like a filter.

Don't take our word for it. Run your hand over your carpet in a well lit room and see what is released into the air.

Providing that your carpet is kept clean and dry, your carpets will promote a healthier home.

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