James D. Tubbs - A Satisfied Customer

Sir, I had your company out today to clean my carpets and a sofa. I’ve had several different companies over the years, Stanley Steamers, to name just one. But your company really impressed me. Your serviceman was perfect in every way. His uniform and your truck is what I want to see in a service company.

But he didn’t leave his name or write it in the contract. But whatever his name is, he’s the kind of man to have as an employee. I’ve spent the last 12 years working for the City of Pasadena, but before that I was in the plumbing service business in Glendale, Burbank, and the San Fernando Valley to name a few areas. I had 12 service trucks and 16 employees and so on; I know what I’m talking about. Keep up the good work and kept that man at all costs.

You know how hard it is to fine a good man who has a drivers’ license, can add and write, make out an invoice, and do the work. Friends and family will know about you from me, sir.

James D. Tubbs
Canyon Country, CA

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