DuPont Teflon ® Advanced carpet protector helps your carpet stay cleaner, brighter, fresher and last longer!

DAssurance of long-lasting protection with extra repellency.
Protecting your carpet with Teflon ® Advanced carpet protector is a smart decision for your investment. It provides protection and repellency that allows easy cleanup of most spills.

Keeping your carpet looking like new is now easier than ever. Our professional cleaning will brighten and freshen your carpet. But, every time you walk into your house, you track in dirt. Once dirt gets into your carpet, it gets ground in deeper with every step. Now add the effects of spills, stains and crumbs that get trapped in your carpet with Teflon ® Advanced carpet protector.

DuPont stain protection combines extra repellency and protection against dirt and spills.

Dirt and stains cling to untreated carpet and quickly become embedded in the fibers. DuPont stain protection creates a powerful invisible shield around your carpet's fibers to keep dirt from lodging within the carpet. The same Teflon ® technology that keeps food from sticking to your pots and pans prevents dirt and grime from "sticking" to your carpet.

When your carpet has been treated with DuPont stain protection, you'll be able to remove spills and dirt before they're absorbed into the carpet.

Solid and semisolid spills should be scraped lightly with a table knife to remove the excess. Liquid spills should be blotted up immediately with a towel or absorbent cloth. If spills dry or are forced into the carpet, normal cleaning procedures should remove them easily..

For added protection and increased peace of mind, DuPont stain protection is CFC - and solvent - free. It leaves no unpleasant odor.

DuPont stain protection is completely safe for your family and your pets when applied by our technicians.

We recommend the application of DuPont stain protection after each cleaning on all carpet types, even those with built-in soil and stain protection.

With an application of DuPont DuPont stain protection carpet protector, you have the assurance your carpet is protected with a premium-quality product.

Protect your investment, the best time to protect your carpet from soil and stains is now. The next time we clean your carpets be sure to ask for DuPont stain protection. It offers more repellency than any other carpet protector.

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  The EPA recommends having your carpets cleaned every
6 months.

Carpets actually hold otherwise air born allergens like a filter.

Don't take our word for it. Run your hand over your carpet in a well lit room and see what is released into the air.

Providing that your carpet is kept clean and dry, your carpets will promote a healthier home.

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Free furniture moving with all carpet cleanings!